traceyTracey J. Moon, LMBT

With her heart leading the way Tracey inspires you to be your full self, breathing into the present moment.  Utilizing the profound intelligence of the body and breath she facilitates gentle guiding processes to bring more awareness, happiness and a deep sense of wellbeing into your life.  To help others awaken, follow their own intuitive guidance and cultivate the natural healing process within she weaves meditation, breathwork practices, yoga, massage, conscious movement and deep inquiry into the work that she brings into her individual work as well as her workshops, retreats and trainings.

Tracey received her massage and bodywork training at the Body Therapy Institute in North Carolina in 1998 and she has a B.S. from the University of Delaware.   She is a former faculty member of the Body Therapy Institute and is a graduate of the Spirit of Learning, a bodyworker teacher-training program.  She received her initial training as a breathwork facilitator through Clarity Breathwork in Costa Rica and is doing ongoing training in Biodynamic Breath.  She received her professional training in Mind Body Skills through the Center of Mind Body Medicine in Washington, DC in 2009.  She also participated in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program, based on Jon Kabat-Zinn’s work.

Tracey worked at Duke Integrative Medicine where she built the integrative massage program from inception.  She shares her wisdom and insight by providing consultation services regularly to other massage educators in the US as well as an NGO in Guatemala.  Tracey currently co-facilitates an Integrative Reflexology Certification, Mindfulness Professional Training, Ethics: Cultivating a Mindful Practice as well as meditation, breathwork & sound healing retreats in the US and internationally with Sharon Nash.

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sharonSharon Nash, M.A.

Sharon brings a unique blend of heart wisdom and strong mind into her work. Her clear, direct facilitation style meshes seamlessly with her dynamic energy, playful exuberance, and attentive presence to create a safe and inviting space in which participants relax and reconnect to their own inner wisdom.  Sharon unselfconsciously shares stories of her own spiritual journey and its challenges to remind participants that they are not alone, and that through collective inner work we can foster a powerful sense of community to support and sustain us.

Sharon has a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Auburn University and a M.A. in Liberal Studies from Duke University.  She has had many incarnations as a teacher since 1990 including as a secondary mathematics teacher in southern Africa, North Carolina, and Guatemala; as a teacher trainer and online educator in North Carolina; and as a co-facilitator of healing retreats and workshops in the US and internationally with Tracey Moon in meditation, breathwork, sound healing and reflexology.  Sharon has completed trainings in Integral Education, Non-Violent Communication and Clarity Breathwork, and also reconnects to her own inner wisdom and guidance daily through her intuitive practice of sound healing.  

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On a side note: With a shared vision of shaking it up and waking up, Tracey and Sharon stepped out of their busy lives in the US and moved abroad, first to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala in 2011. They let go of 90% of their belongings, left their comfortable salaries and environment in the US with the intention of breaking out of cultural conditioning, diving deeper into purposeful work and a healthy way of living and working. They currently live on Lake Chapala in Ajijic, a small Mexican village in the Sierra Madre mountains.